About Us

At Greenward, we talk about eco-modern goods. As we define it, an eco-modern product is always elegantly designed, attractive, and most of all functional. It is also at least one of the following:

  • made from recycled materials
  • recyclable
  • made from organic materials
  • made from sustainable materials
  • handmade
  • energy efficient
  • biodegradable
  • educational

All products at Greenward are screened to fit these criteria. Being green doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style. Moving “greenward” benefits our homes, our communities, and our planet!

What you’ll find at Greenward:

  • gifts
  • housewares
  • jewelry
  • cards and stationary
  • handbags, courier bags, and shopping bags
  • cosmetics
  • books and magazines
  • urban bicycling accessories
  • toys and games
  • things for baby
  • things to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • natural cleaning products

Greenward was started by the husband and wife team of Scott Walker and Simone Alpen. In his previous life, Scott was an urban planner promoting bicycle and pedestrian travel. Simone helps organize the popular local and natural craft fair – Bazaar Bizarre. They live in Cambridge.

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