Air Conditioning Tips to Save Electricity

Whilst air conditioning may seem like a costly investment the benefits certainly outweigh the cons, now you can enjoy living, working and sleeping in a comfortable and happy environment. Although there are ways you can save money when it comes to air conditioning. Check out these tips to save on energy and keep your electric bills down low.

Invest in Blinds

Even though the air conditioning will effectively cool a home if you have big windows then the sunlight can work against the air con. With heat from the outside drumming on your windows your air con will have to work harder to regulate the temperature. Investing in blinds will help keep the sunlight out and the room cool without turning up the air con.

Keep Windows Closed

Again if you have the windows open, heat will seep in and the air conditioning Brisbane unit will work harder to regulate the temperature. During the daytime when the sun is high in the sky, you should make sure to keep all windows closed. At nighttime if you wish to let some fresh air into your home you can open them or turn on a fan.

Clean the Filter

Air conditioners need a good clean at least once a month to ensure the air flow isn’t hindered by dust and other foreign objects. Taking a few minutes each month to clear out the dust will ensure that your air conditioner in Brisbane stays clear and able to work unhindered will save you money on your electric bill. You may want to get consider getting a standalone air filter unit also known as an air purifier.

Insulate Air Con Ducts

Unless you really feel like the attic or the basement needs air conditioning you can invest in insulation for the A/C ducts in these rooms. This way you are saving money by not regulating the temperatures in every room whilst still keeping the environment you spend most of your time in cool and heat free.

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